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Colocation Server Hosting

We offer a range of server colocation hosting options in Bournemouth from 1U/2U/4U to quarter racks, half racks, and full 42U racks. Each cabinet is equipped with dual 32A power sockets that are fed through separate power sources providing each cabinet with a massive 64A capacity. Our Bournemouth data centre is equipped with free air cooling and redundant air conditioning that work in harmony to reduce costs and save the environment. Multiple line providers are already on site and we welcome independant/3rd party dedicated leased lines to be installed directly to the racks.


Switchboard: 0845 388 9891
Local Number: 01202 375 079

Email: info@darknebulae.net

Dark Nebulae LTD
106 Old Christchurch Road

Bournemouth Data Centre Map